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Crashed into QuickBooks error code 40001 and can’t find an ideal result to troubleshoot it? Well, we've got you covered. You might land into such an error when trying to modernize direct deposit or when streamlining payroll.


Error 40001 can be seen with a warning communication “ Error code 40001 commodity’s not right. Currently, we are unable to fulfill your request. Communicate our support team for backing. ”


To break the issue, you'll have to ascertain that you're running as admin to confirm that the activation procedure will go through. This member is going to brief you on the ways that are to be followed to successfully resolve the QuickBooks error code 40001.


Still, if you aren’t interested in performing the set of way manually, also in that case connecting with our tech labor force using our support line would surely work.


What Causes the QuickBooks Error 40001 and Fixes to Chuck It Off?

An error of this nature can be caused by a number of factors, and related measures can be taken to eliminate the problem from its roots. Scroll down to get a better insight.

Cause 1: Your PC does not have Internet Explorer set as the default browser


Fix: Setting the Internet Explorer/edge as the Default Browser
  • Under this process, you simply have to launch Internet Explorer and hit on the Tools tab.  

  • Next, choose Internet options and move to the Programs tab.

  • Heading forward, you simply need to head for the make dereliction option and also conclude for the Apply tab.

  • To save the changes, click the OK tab.

  • After Internet Explorer is Set as the dereliction internet browser, you need to try to spark the direct deposit or Update the account word.


Cause 2: Payroll Data is saved in the Company File, so corruption in this file can cause issues running or activating payroll.
Fix 1:  Diagnose and repair data corruption within the company
  • You will find the utilities drop-down menu under the File tab of QuickBooks desktop.

  • Choose the Verify data tab under the Utilities tab.

  • QuickBooks will begin verifying the data for corruption.

  • If the data is corrupt, QuickBooks will prompt you to repair it.

  • After clicking on the Rebuild data option, you must retry the same process once the data repair is complete.


Fix 2:  Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  • Alternatively, if the above procedures do not work for you, please follow these steps:

  • The QuickBooks tool hub must be downloaded for this method to work.

  • Place the file where it can be easily accessed.

  • When the installation process is complete, the tool will open.

  • To install the diagnostic tool, go to the Installation Issues tab and choose QuickBooks.

  • Wait until it repairs the QuickBooks desktop installation damage.

  • As soon as the repair process is complete, you need to launch QuickBooks to verify if the issue has been resolved.


Cause 3: The QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll Tax Table is missing the latest updates
Fix: Updating QuickBooks Desktop and Payroll
  • To access the Help tab, run QuickBooks desktop as an administrator.

  • In addition, choose the Update QuickBooks desktop option, and when the Update QuickBooks window appears.

  • When the update download process is complete, you must reboot QuickBooks.

  • Select the Employees tab under the Install Updates tab.

  • From the drop-down menu, select Get payroll updates and Download the latest updates.

  • If QuickBooks error 40001 persists after updating the desktop and payroll, you need to retry to activate direct deposit.


Cause 4: Not using an account with admin rights
Fix: Running QuickBooks with administrative privileges
  • If you are not the Network admin, then you will need to ask your admin for the Windows admin credentials.

  • You need to right-click the QuickBooks desktop icon and select Run as Admin if you have the Admin account login credentials.

  • Enter the required Login credentials and click Enter when prompted.

  • Retry activating direct deposit or sending the updated account information to Intuit after QuickBooks starts running with admin privileges.




You are most likely to be able to resolve QuickBooks error code 40001 once you follow the steps above. However, if you continue to experience the same problem, you can definitely connect with our QuickBooks error support team at our QuickBooks error number.

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